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Nomi Pitch Therapy

For Individuals and Couples

Emotional Eating, Negative Body Image & Sex Therapy

People who suffer from emotional eating and a negative body image often cope with much pain related to a low self-esteem.  In addition to these concerns, they are likely to struggle with specific problems related to sex and intimacy.  These might include:

  • promiscuity devoid of intimacy

  • abstaining from intimacy and, or sex from fear

  • difficulty and fear of sharing feelings

  • difficulty maintaining a long term relationship

  • difficulty and fear of being naked with an intimate partner

  • engaging in sexual acts which are not pleasurable

  • feeling detached during sex

  • ignoring personal needs during sex

  • putting oneself in dangerous sexual situations

Nomi has 17 years experience working with men and women who struggle with emotional eating and a negative body image.  During her work she noticed the connection between this subject and difficulties with sex and intimacy.  Nomi continued her training in Sex Therapy at Bar Ilan University, and today she is dedicated to helping individuals and couples nourish their bodies properly while learning to enjoy themselves.

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