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Nomi Pitch Therapy

​For Individuals and Couples

Do You Suffer From Emotional Eating?

Emotional Eating may or may not be associated with a negative body image.  That is to say that not all people who struggle with emotional eating suffer from a negative body image.  People who emotionally eat use food as a way to fill an emotional void, and will often cope with a great amount of pain and a strong sense of isolation.

Check to see if you might be struggling with emotional eating:

  • Do you use food to manage your mood, or stress?
  • Do you have moments when you eat more rapidly than usual?
  • Do you eat until you are uncomfortably full?
  • Do you eat alone out of embarrassment?
  • Do you suffer from feelings of disgust, depression, or guilt related to eating?

Body image is defined as the way one subjectively perceives their body, and is therefore not directly linked to the way they appear to others.  When one sees themselves as overweight when they are infact either at a healthy weight, or even underweight this is referred to as a Negative Body Image.  Body image is related to all parts of the body.  Sometimes people will fixate on one part of their body which they dislike.  They will for example dislike their breasts or specific features on their face.  The way they see themselves might not match up with how others see them, they are suffering from a negative body image.  Both men and women of all ages can suffer from a negative body image.  Often times this is linked to a low self-esteem which can have many negative impacts on one's life. 

Nomi has 17 years experience working with men and women who struggle with emotional eating and a negative body image.  During her work she noticed the connection between this subject and difficulties with sex and intimacy.  Nomi continued her training in Sex Therapy at Bar Ilan University, and today she is dedicated to helping individuals and couples nourish their bodies properly while learning to enjoy themselves.

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